I’ve been fortunate enough to have two articles published in Ancestor, the quarterly journal of the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV).

Both of the articles relate to a branch of the paternal side of my family, namely, the LEE branch. The pedigree chart below shows the paternal side, that is, the forebears of my father, John Leo COGHLAN.

The first article relates to Dad’s grandfather Edward LEE (1840-1898) (in blue) and the second article relates to Edward’s brother, George Williams LEE (1831-1864). Both men emigrated to Australia mid nineteenth century from London, England.

Pedigree Chart for my father, John Leo COGHLAN, showing my great-grandfather Edward LEE (1840-1898), the wood engraver (in blue).

1. Shades of Grey: the Colonial Wood Engraver, Edward Lee

Citation: Coghlan, Margaret, ‘Shades of Grey: the Colonial Wood Engraver, Edward Lee’, Ancestor, Vol. 33, Issue 2 (June 2016), pp. 4-7.

This article gives a brief summary of the evolution of the art of wood engraving and details the known history of my great-grandfather Edward LEE’s working life as a wood engraver on the colonial illustrated newspapers in Australia.

2. George Lee, Pompous Git or Good Bloke?

Citation: Coghlan, Margaret, ‘George Lee, Pompous Git or Good Bloke?’, Ancestor, Vol. 33, Issue 5 (March 2017), pp.9-11.

This article details the newspaper reports regarding George Williams LEE’s escapades on the campaign trail as a contender for the parliamentary seat of North Gippsland in 1861. George Williams LEE (1831-1864) was the brother of my great-grandfather, Edward LEE, the wood engraver.


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